F. FUTURE WORK (S3, 2011)

F1 What occupation would you like to go into? If you are unsure, what kind of work are you thinking about? (Include full-time homemaker.)

See Occupation Variables (pages 42-44)

FT3S3 F1A How certain are you about these plans? 

1 Very certain                    

2 Somewhat certain          

3 Not very certain             

4 Not at all certain             

-9 Missing                         

F2 What has influenced your interest in this kind of work? (Circle all that apply.)

0 No 

1 Yes

-9 Missing

FT4AS3 School

FT4BS3 TV, movies, books, or magazines

FT4CS3 A summer job, a part-time job during school, or other work experience

FT4DS3 Volunteer work

FT4ES3 Something else (Please tell us: FT4XS3)

FT4FS3 No occupation specified in F17, but responded to F19 (original response kept as is)

FT4MS3  None of the options checked

In the future, how important do you think each of the following will be to you when you are looking for a full-time job?

Not at all important

2 Somewhat important

3 Very important

4 Extremely important

-9 Missing

FJBAS3 F3 Good Pay

FJBBS3 F4 Time off when I need it

FJBCS3 F5 A steady job, with little chance of being laid off

FJBDS3 F6 Good chances of getting ahead

FJBES3 F7 A chance to be helpful to others or useful to society

FJBFS3 F8 A chance to work with people rather than things

FJBGS3 F9 A chance to make my own decisions at work

FJBHS3 F10 A job that is flexible

FJBIS3 F11 A job that is easy

FJBJS3 F12 A job where I have a lot of responsibility

FJBKS3 F13 A job that uses my skills and abilities

FJBLS3 F14 A job that people regard highly

FJBMS3 F15 A chance to learn a lot of new things at work

FJBNS3 F16 A supervisor who is supportive of my personal life or family responsibilities

FJBOS3 F17 Co-workers who are supportive of my personal life or family responsibilities

F18 Are you concerned that any of the following things might interfere with your future career plans? (Circle all that apply.)

0 Unchecked

1 Checked

Missing CNRMS3

CNRGRS3 Grades not high enough

CNRABS3 Lack of ability to get relevant training or degree

CNRMIS3 Military service, war

CRNMNS3 Lack of money to complete education or get started on my chosen career field

CNRILS3 Illness, accident, or disability

CNROPS3 Lack of openings in my field, absence of jobs

CNRMAS3 Marriage

CNRCHS3 Children

CNRRAS3 Discrimination against persons of my race or ethnic background

CNRSES3 Discrimination against persons of my sex

CNRAGS3 Discrimination against persons of my age

CNRNOS3 I am not concerned about any of these

The following questions ask you to describe how often certain things will happen when you become an adult.  When you are an adult doing your job, how often do you think you will...


2 Almost never

3 Sometimes

4 Usually

5 Always

-9 Missing

FWCAS3 F19 Get enough money from your job?

FWCBS3 F20 Be treated badly at work?

FWCCS3  F21 Have trouble following all the rules at work?

FWCDS3  F22 Get really interested in your work?

FWCES3 F23 Have a really good job?

FWCHS3 F24 Have an overly demanding and pushy boss?

FWCIS3 F25 Be treated as an unimportant person?

FWCJS3 F26 Get the support you need to do good work?

Think about the feelings you will have when you become an adult and go to work.  When you are an adult doing your job, how often do you think you will feel...


2 Almost never

3 Sometimes

4 Usually

5 Always

-9 Missing

FTFAS3 F27 Excited?

FTFBS3 F28 Happy?

FTFDS3 F29 Proud?

FTFES3 F30 Disgusted?

FTFFS3 F31 Fun?

FTFGS3 F32 Lonely?

FTFHS3 F33 Jealous?

FTFIS3 F34 Depressed?

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