N. MY PARENTS (S2, 2010)

PA1S2 N1 Are your natural parents (by birth) both living?

1 Yes

2 My father is deceased

3 My mother is deceased

4 Both are deceased

5 Don't know

-9 Missing

N2 Who do you live with? (Circle all that apply)

0 Unchecked

1 Checked


PA2AS2 Mother (by birth or adoption)

PA2BS2  Father (by birth or adoption)

PA2CS2  Stepmother

PA2DS2  Stepfather

PA2ES2  Part of the time with each parent (if you are in joint custody answer the questions below for the parent(s) you spend the most time with)

PA2FS2  Another relative (aunt, uncle, grandparent, etc.)

PA2GS2  A foster parent (or parents)

PA2HS2  Friends or roommates (college dormitory, apartment, etc.)

PA2IS2  An intimate partner or spouse

PA2JS2  I live in an institutional setting (group home, prison, hospital, military)

PA2KS2  I live alone

PA2LS2  Other male or female guardian (please tell us: PA2LXS2)

As a result of your parents' work, how often do you feel...

1 Never

2 Hardly ever

3 About once per month

4 Often

5 At least a few times per week

-9 Missing


PA3AS2  N3 You don't have as much time as you want to spend with your friends

PA3BS2  N4 You can't get help from your parents with homework or some project you're doing

PA3CS2  N5 You have to change your plans and do things you don't expect (like get up at a different time or eat at a different time)

PA3DS2  N6 You don't spend as much time with your parents as you would like

PA3ES2  N7 You don't get to go to activities you'd like (after-school sports, music lessons)

PA3FS2  N8 You have too many chores

PA3GS2  N9 You get to make your own decisions

PA3HS2  N10 You're happy with how much money your family has


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