K. LIFE EVENTS (W19, 2011)

K1 Below is a list of events that many people experience. Please indicate which events have happened to you recently by placing an “X” under the year(s) or check “event did not happen”.




0 Not checked

1 Checked

-9 Missing

200920102011Event did not happen
Serious personal injury or illnessLEK11A19LEK11B19LEK11C19LEK11D19
Break-up of a serious romantic relationshipLEK12A19LEK12B19LEK12C19LEK12D19
Serious trouble with boss, supervisor or co-workerLEK13A19LEK13B19LEK13C19LEK13D19
Being fired from workLEK14A19LEK14B19LEK14C19LEK14D19
Took on a mortgage or major loanLEK15A19LEK15B19LEK15C19LEK15D19
I was arrestedLEK16A19LEK16B19LEK16C19LEK16D19
I spent time in jailLEK17A19LEK17B19LEK17C19LEK17D19
I was assaulted, beaten up, robbed, or rapedLEK18A19LEK18B19LEK18C19LEK18D19
I attempted suicideLEK19A19LEK19B19LEK19C19LEK19D19
Death of my spouse or romantic partnerLEK110A19LEK110B19LEK110C19LEK110D19
Death of a parentLEK111A19LEK111B19LEK111C19LEK111D19
Death of another close family memberLEK112A19LEK112B19LEK112C19LEK112D19
Death of a close friendLEK113A19LEK113B19LEK113C19LEK113D19
Parental separation or divorceLEK114A19LEK114B19LEK114C19LEK114D19
A parent remarriedLEK115A19LEK115B19LEK115C19LEK115D19

J. Friends (W19, 2011)
L. Myself (W19, 2011)