J. FRIENDS (W19, 2011)

FRIEN119 J1 When things get rough do you have a friend (or friends) who you can really talk to, someone you can turn to for support and understanding?

1 Yes, I am sure I do

2 Yes, I am fairly sure I do

3 No, I donít

4 I am not sure

-9 Missing

FRIEN219 J2 How close do you feel to your closest friend?

1 Extremely close

2 Quite close

3 Fairly close

4 Not close at all

-9 Missing

FRIEN319 J3 Do you think there will always be people you can count on in the future?

1 I am certain there will beFRIEN119 FRIEN119 FRIEN119 FRIEN219 

2 Iím pretty sure there will be

3 Iím not completely sure there will be

4 I doubt there will be

-9 Missing


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