K1VOTE15 K1 In 2004 George W. Bush ran on the Republican ticket against John Kerry for the Democrats and Ralph Nader as an independent candidate. Do you remember whether or not you voted in that election?

1 Yes, I voted

2 No, I did not vote > GO TO K2

3 Not Sure

-9 Missing

K1AVOT15 K1A Which Candidate did you vote for?

1 George Bush

2 John Kerry

3 Ralph Nader

4 Other (please specify)______________K1AOTH15

5 Do not remember

-8 NA (Did not vote)

-9 Missing

K2VOTE15 K2 In 2002 Tim Pawlenty ran for governor of Minnesota for the Republican ticket, Roger Moe ran for the Democrats, and Tim Penny as an independent candidate. Did you vote in that election?


1 Yes I voted

2 No, I did not vote GO TO K3

3 Not Sure

-9 Missing

K2AVOT15 K2A Which Candidate did you vote for?

1 Tim Pawlenty

2 Roger Moe

3 Tim Penny

4 Other (please specify)______________K2AOTH15

5 Do not remember

-8 NA (Did not vote)

-9 Missing

K3PTY15 K3 Do you think of yourself as closer to the Republican Party or to the Democratic Party?

1 Closer to Republican

2 Closer to Democrat

3 Independent

-9 Missing

K4CHRI15 K4 Would you identify yourself as part of the Christian Right?

1 Yes

2 No

-9 Missing

K5POLI15 K5 Which of the following best describes your political leanings?

1 Extremely Liberal

2 Liberal

3 Moderate

4 Conservative

5 Extremely Conservative

-9 Missing

How much would you agree with the following statements?

1 Strongly disagree

2 Disagree

3 Agree

4 Strongly agree

-9 Missing

K615 K6 The government can be trusted to do what is best for the country.

K715 K7 People like me do not have any say about what the government does.

K815 K8 The average person can get nowhere by talking to public officials.

K915 K9 Elections are a good way of making the government pay attention to what people think.

K1015 K10 Quite a few people running the government are crooked.

K1115 K11 I have a great deal of confidence in the criminal justice system

K12WAR15 K12 All in all, do you think it was worthwhile going to war in Iraq?


1 Worth it

2 Not Worth it

3 No Opinion

-9 Missing

K13WAR15 K13 In general, how would you say things are going for the U.S. in Iraq?

1 Very well

2 Moderately well

3 Moderately badly

4 Very badly

-9 Missing

L1 What is your birth date?









J. Race and Religion (W15, 2004)