J. RACE & RELIGION (W15, 2004)

SPANIS15 J1 Are you Spanish/Hispanic/Latino?

1 No, not Spanish/Hispanic/Latino

2 Yes, Spanish/Hispanic/Latino (Please specify) _____________J1SEP15

-9 Missing

J2 What is your race? Please mark one or more races to indicate what you consider yourself to be.

0 Not marked

1 Marked

-9 Missing


RACEWT15 1 White

RACEBK15 2 Black, African American

RACEIN15 3 American Indian or Alaska Native  >  J2A What is Your Principal Tribe? __________________TRIBE15

RACEAS15 4 Asian (Please specify)__________________________ASIANS15

RACEPI15 5 Pacific Islander (Please specify) __________________PACIFS15

RACEOT15 6 Other (Please specify)_________________________­­_OTHRAS15

ORIGIN15 J3 What is your ancestry or ethnic origin? (For example; Swedish, Russian, African American, Hmong, Norwegian, American Indian, Dominican, German, Korean, Nigerian, Mexican)


IDENTI15 J4 Considering all the ethnic and racial categories, what is your primary ethnic and/or racial identity?


RACATE15 J5 What ethnic and/or racial category do most others put you in?


RELIGI15 J6 What is your religious preference? Circle only one

Jewish GO TO J6A

2 Catholic

3 Protestant GO TO J6B

4 Other (please specify) ________________ OTHREG15

5 None

-9 Missing

J6AJEW15 J6A If you marked “Jewish” is that;

1 Reform

2 Conservative

3 Orthodox

-8 NA (Not Jewish)

-9 Missing

J6BPRO15 J6B If you marked “Protestant,” what specific denomination is that? (Examples: Southern Baptist, United Methodist, ELCA, Assemblies of God, independent Baptist,)


J7IMP15 J7 Overall, how important would you say religion is in your own life? Circle only one


1 Very important

2 Somewhat important

3 A little important

4 Not at all important

-9 Missing

J8ORIE15 J8 People think about religion in different ways. Which of the following best describes your own religious orientation? Circle only one.

1 Orthodox

2 Fundamentalist

3 Evangelical

4 Charismatic or Pentecostal

5 Moderate

6 Liberal

7 Agnostic or Atheist

8 Other (Please specify) ___________J8OTHS15

J9SERV15 J9 How often do you attend religious services? Circle only one.


1 Never

2 Hardly ever or just on holidays

3 Less than once a month

4 About once a month

5 2-3 times a month

6 Once a week

7 More than once a week

-9 Missing

J10SCH15 J10 When you were growing up, did you regularly attend Sunday school or religious education classes?


1 Yes

2 No

-9 Missing

J11 Did you regularly attend religious services when you were: For each item circle Yes or No.

J11A15 a 18 years old Yes No

J11B15 b 22 years old Yes No

J11C15 c 26 years old Yes No

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