K. Rule Breaking (W10, 1998)

Everyone breaks some rules during his/her lifetime.  Some break them regularly, others less often.  Below is a list of rule-breaking behaviors.  For each, please indicate if you have ever done it, ever done it during high school, and, finally, give your best estimate of the number of times you have done each one during the last year.

Have you ever...During high school did you...How many times in the past year have you...
     1 Yes
     2 No
     -9 Missing
     1 Yes
     2 No
     -9 Missing
     0  0
     1  1
     2  2
     3  3-4
     4  5+
     -9 Missing
K1 Parked your car illegallyPARK110PARK210PARK310
K2 Failed to pay a parking ticketTCKET110TCKET210TCKET310
K3 Driven 20 miles or more over the speed limitSPEED110SPEED210SPEED310
K4 Had an accident while driving (whether you were responsible or not)ACC110ACC210ACC310
K5 Driven a car or motor vehicle after you've had too much to drinkDRIVE110DRIVE210DRIVE310
K6 Made prank phone callsPRANK110PRANK210PRANK310
K7 Taken something from a store without paying for itSLIFT110SLIFT210SLIFT310
K8 Vandalized property that did not belong to youVANDL110VANDL210VANDL310
K9 Stolen something worth less than $50LT50110LT50210LT50310
K10 Stolen something worth more than $50MT50110MT50210MT50310
K11 Hit or threatened to hit someone (other than at work)HIT110HIT210HIT310
K12 Sold or gave alcohol to kids under 21ALCOH110ALCOH210ALCOH310
K13 Used or tried to use someone else's checks or credit cards without permissionCHECK110CHECK210CHECK310
K14 Been in a physical fight/fist fightFIGHT110FIGHT210FIGHT310
K15 Broken into a home, store, building, or vehicle to steal somethingBURGL110BURGL210BURGL310
K16 Taken money or valuables from someone by forceROB110ROB210ROB310

DADARR10 K17 To your knowledge, has your father/stepfather/male guardian ever been arrested?

0 No 

1 Yes 

-9 Missing

ARREST10 K18 Have you ever been arrested?

0 No (GO TO L1)

1 Yes (GO TO K18A)

-9 Missing

ARRAGE10 K18A Age when first arrested

                                        -9 Missing

Which of the following have you been arrested for?

0 Not circled

1 Circled

-9 Missing

            CRMONY10 K18B For crimes involving money, such as shoplifting, burglary, forgery, robbery, or selling illegal drugs
            CRDRUG10 K18C For drug and alcohol crimes that did not involve money, such as drunkenness, driving under the influence (DUI), or possession of illegal drugs
            CRPERS10 K18D For personal or violent crimes that did not involve money, such as assault or attempted assault
            CROTHR10 K18E For some other crime that did not involve money, such as disturbing the peace, vandalism, violation of weapons laws, or any other offense
            OTHOFF10 Please specify ___________________

L1 What is your birth date?

            BDAYMO10 Month
            BDAYDY10 Day
            BDAYYR10 Year


J. Work Problems (W10, 1998)