G. MYSELF (W10, 1998)

How strongly do you agree or disagree with each of the following statements? (Circle one number for each)


1 Strongly disagree

2 Disagree

3 Agree

4 Strongly agree

-9 Missing

SOLVPR10  G1  There is really no way I can solve some of the problems I have

PUSHED10   G2  Sometimes I feel that I'm being pushed around in life

NOCTRL10   G3  I have little control over the things that happen to me

CDOANY10   G4  I can do just about anything I really set my mind to do

DPNDME10   G5  What happens to me in the future mostly depends on me

HLPLES10   G6  I often feel helpless in dealing with the problems of life

CHGTHG10  G7 There is little I can do to change many of the important things in my life

F. Economic Support (W10, 1998)
H. Environment (W10, 1998)