H. Environment (W10, 1998)

H1 How often in the past year have you done each of the things listed below?


1 Never

2 A few times

3 Most of the time

4 Always

-9 Missing

BAG10 I took my own shopping bag to the store.

RECYCL10 I recycled (newspapers, bottles, cans, paper, etc).

REUSE10 I reused materials to store food, such as aluminum foil, ziplock or paper bags, or plastic containers.

WATER10 I practiced water conservation (e.g. by using water-saving devices, watering the lawn less, or taking shorter showers.).

ENERGY10 I practiced energy conservation, e.g. by using energy-saving light bulbs, timing a thermostat, turning down the heat.

COMMUT10 I used public transportation, biked, or walked to get to work, school, or shopping.

H2 Please indicated how important each item is to you as a guiding principle in your life.

                                        1 Not at all important  
                                        2 Somewhat important
                                        3 Important
                                        4 Very important
                                        5 Extremely important
                                        -9 Missing

                HARMNY10 Harmony with nature
                PROTCT10 Protecting the environment
                POLLUT10 Preventing pollution
                RESPCT10 Respecting the earth
                BEAUTY10 A world of beauty

H3 Please indicate how strongly you agree or disagree with each of the statements below.

                                        1 Strongly disagree
                                        2 Disagree
                                        3 Neutral or undecided
                                        4 Agree
                                        5 Strongly agree
                                        -9 Missing

                QUALTY10 Environmental protection will help to ensure a better quality of life for everyone
                TOODIF10 I would like to act to protect the environment, but it is too difficult
                ANMPLN10 Environmental protection will save plants and animals from becoming extinct
                INDACT10 The actions of individuals cause environmental problems
                WORLD10 Environmental protection will provide a better world for me and my family
                INDHLP10 An individual person's actions will contribute little to the protection of the environment
                GUILTY10 I feel guilty if I don't do what I can to protect the environment
                CHOICE10 Laws to protect the environment limit my choices and personal freedoms

H4 Have any of the following contributed to your awareness of environmental problems? Please circle all that apply.
                                            0 Not circled
                                            1 Circled
                                            -9 Missing

                PRNTS10 Parents
                RELTVS10 Other relatives
                PRTSP10 Partner/spouse
                FRNDS10 Friends
                NGBRS10 Neighbors
                COWRKS10 Co-workers
                PROF10 Teachers/professors
                MEDIA10 The media (TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, movies, etc.)
                OTHERS10 Others

H5 How dangerous do you think the following environmental problems are to you and your family?

                                            1 Not at all Dangerous
                                            2 Somewhat Dangerous
                                            3 Dangerous
                                            4 Extremely Dangerous
                                            -9 Missing

                WATERP10 Water pollution
                NATRES10 Depletion of natural resources
                AIR10 Air pollution
                GARBAG10 Problems with the disposal of garbage and other solid waste               

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