B. SCHOOL (S3, 2011)

B1 What school(s) have you attended since September of 2010?

0 Not checked

1 Checked

Missing ATSHMS3

ATSH1S3  I have not attended school

ATSH2S3  Elementary or middle school (grades 4-8)

ATSH3S3  High school (grades 9-12)

ATSH4S3  A two year or community college

ATSH5S3  A technical or vocational school

ATSH6S3  A four-year college or university

ATSH7S3  Other type(s) of school (please describe ATSHXS3)

B2 Please give the name and location of your school: (if more than one, please list all).

Schools were coded using a 3-digit code. Please refer to School Code List.

SCCO1S3 Name of school one, city state

SCCO2S3 Name of school two, city state

SCCO3S3 Name of school three, city, state

SCCRSS3 B3 Which of the following BEST describes most of the courses you take? (Circle ONE number)

1 Elementary or middle school courses

2 High school academic or college prep

3 High school general

4 High school career or technical

5 College courses leading to a bachelor's degree

6 Other college courses

7 Other

8 Don't know

-9 Missing

How TRUE is each of the following statements for you? (Circle ONE number for each)

For B4-B6                                            For B7

1 Not at all true                                    1 Never

2 A little true                                        2 Rarely

3 Somewhat true                                  3 Sometimes

4 Very true                                            4 Often

-9 Missing                                            5 Almost always

                                                               -9 Missing


SCLIKS3 B4 I really like going to school

SCWKHS3 B5 I work hard in school because it is so interesting

SCHLPS3 B6 School helps me to improve my ability to think and to solve problems

SCDRAS3 B7 How often does time seem to drag for you in school?

How much time, on average, do you spend doing homework? (If none, write in 0.)

-9 Missing

HMWK1S3 B8 Homework hours each weeknight                                                         HMWK2S3     Homework minutes each weeknight

HMWK3S3 B9 Homework hours during the weekend (Saturday and Sunday)        HMWK4S3     Homework minutes during the weekend (Saturday and Sunday)

B10 After school, how much time do you spend in extracurricular activities (like clubs, band, and sports)? (Include activities at school and at other places, such as community centers. If none, write in 0.)

-9 Missing

-8 No school attendance

ECRR1S3 hours per week after school

ECRR2S3 hours during the weekend

SCGPAS3 B11 What is your grade point average so far this year? (Circle ONE number)

1 A

2 A-

3 B+

4 B

5 B-

6 C+

7 C

8 C-

9 D+

10 D

11 D-

12 F

-9 Missing

Since the beginning of school this year, how often have you:

1 Never

2 Once or twice

3 3-4 times

4 5-10 times

5 More than 10 times

-9 Missing

SBHR1S3 B12 Gotten into trouble for misbehaving or breaking school rules

SBHR2S3 B13 Gotten into a fight with another student at school

A. Information About Yourself (S3, 2011)
C. Volunteering (S3, 2011)