D. PAID WORK (S2, 2010)

EM1S2 D1 During the past year (since June 2009) have you had a steady job (at least once a week) for pay outside your own home?  Include all paid jobs, such as jobs done for neighbors, like babysitting and yard work, and in businesses or other organizations.

0 No

1 Yes

-9 Missing

D2 Complete the following chart for all the jobs you have had outside your own home.  Include current employment.  

            For more information about this variable, see work history and occupational coding

EM2S2 D3 Are you currently employed in a steady job (at least once a week) for pay?  (Include jobs like babysitting and yard work.  Jobs can be for other families and businesses or other organizations.)

1 No, but I am looking for a job

2 No, and I am NOT looking for a job

3 Yes, I have a job

-9 Missing

-8 Not currently employed

EM3S2 D4 How many different employers do you work for?

-9 Missing

-8 Not currently employed

D5 What days of the week, and what hours each day, do you usually work? (Please enter start and end times for the days you work, and circle AM or PM after Start or End time.)

-9 Missing

-8 Not currently employed

-88 No work reported for the day

Usual Start Time

Usual End Time

Monday EM4A1S2 EM4A2S2EM4A3S2EM4A4S2
Tuesday EM4B1S2 EM4B2S2EM4B3S2EM4B4S2
Wednesday EM4C1S2 EM4C2S2EM4C3S2EM4C4S2
Thursday EM4D1S2 EM4D2S2EM4D3S2EM4D4S2
Friday EM4E1S2 EM4E2S2EM4E3S2EM4E4S2
Saturday EM4F1S2 EM4F2S2EM4F3S2EM4F4S2
Sunday EM4G1S2 EM4G2S2EM4G3S2EM4G4S2


EM6S2 D6 Are you now working in

1 One or more homes (babysitting, yard work, snow shoveling) 

2 Business or Industry

3 Another setting

-9 Missing

-8 Not currently employed

EP6XS2 D6A Please tell us what they do or make in the place where you work.

D7 Why did you seek your current job? (Circle all that apply.)

0 Not checked

1 Checked

-9 Missing

-8 Not currently employed

EM5AS2  To buy things

EM5BS2  To save for my future education

EM5CS2  To save for other purposes

EM5DS2 For the experience of working

EM5ES2 To learn new skills

EM5FS2  My friends worked there

EM5GS2  My parents wanted me to work

EM5HS2  To get out of the house

D8 How did you find out about your current job? (Circle all that apply)

0 Not checked

1 Checked

-9 Missing

-8 Not currently employed

EM7AS2  Parents

EM7BS2  Other relatives

EM7CS2  A friend 

EM7DS2  A neighbor

EM7ES2  An adult from school (teacher, counselor, etc.)

EM7FS2  Saw an advertisement 

EM7GS2  I asked if there were any job openings

EM7HS2  My employer told me about it

EM7IS2   The Internet

EM7MS2    None of the options checked

EM8S2 D9 Do either of your parents work in the same place you do?

1 No 

2 Yes, my job is in a family business

4 Yes, I work in a business or other organization where my parent(s) works

-9 Missing

-8 Not currently employed

EM12S2 D10 Do you think you can stay on your present job as long as you like?

1 Yes, I can definitely keep this job as long as I want

2 I probably can keep this job as long as I want

3 No, I could be laid off at any time

-9 Missing

-8 Not currently employed

D11 How much money did you earned during the past two weeks?

INC1HS2 High figure 

INC1LS2 Low figure 

EM9S2 D12 Would you consider your pay "good pay" for the work you do?

1 Yes, definitely

2 Yes, it is pretty good

3 I am not sure

4 No, the pay is not good

-9 Missing

-8 Not currently employed

D13 How do you use the money from your job? (Circle all that apply)

0 Not checked

1 Checked

-9 Missing

-8 Not currently employed

EM10AS2  Clothing

EM10BS2  School expenses (lunches, books, supplies)

EM10CS2  For a car, motorcycle, car equipment, repairs, or insurance

EM10DS2  To buy other things--like an iPod or mp3 player, music downloads, sports equipment, bike, etc.

EM10ES2   For movies, entertainment, dating, clubs

EM10FS2   Saving for future education

EM10GS2  Savings and investments for other purposes

EM10HS2  I give money to my family

EM10IS2    Food

EM10JS2   Living expenses (rent, bills)

EM10MS2  None of the options checked

EM16S2 D14 Do you have a supervisor?

0 No 

1 Yes 

-9 Missing

-8 Not currently employed

D15 How many workers do you supervise on your job?

EM11LS2 Low figure

EM11HS2 High figure

EM13S2 D16 Do you have to think of new ways of doing things or solving problems on your job?


1 Almost always

2 Often

3 Sometimes

4 Rarely

5 Never

-9 Missing

-8 Not currently employed

How often have you...

1 Almost never

2 Rarely

3 Sometimes

4 Often

5 Always

-9 Missing

-8 Not currently employed

EM17AS2  D17 How often do you feel bored at work, or that time is dragging?

EM17BS2  D18 How often are you held responsible for things that are really outside your control?

EM17CS2  D19 How often is there time pressure on your job?

EM17DS2  D20 How often are you interested enough in your job to do more work than your job requires?

EM17ES2  D21 How often do you feel that your work is meaningful and important?

EM17FS2  D22  How often are you exposed to excessive heat, cold or noise at work?

EM14S2 D23 How much control do you have over the way you spend your time at work (over the order and the amount of time you work on various parts of your job)?


1 Complete control

2 A great deal of control

3 A fair amount of control

4 Some, but not much control

5 Almost no control at all

-9 Missing

-8 Not currently employed

EM15S2 D24 Overall, how much freedom do you have to make important decisions about what you do at work and how you do it?


1 Complete freedom

2 A great deal of freedom

3 A fair amount of freedom

4 Some, but not much freedom

5 Almost none at all

-9 Missing

-8 Not currently employed

EM18S2 D25 Overall, how challenging do you consider your present job?

1 Very challenging

2 Somewhat challenging

3 Only a little bit challenging

4 Not at all challenging

-9 Missing

-8 Not currently employed

EM19S2 D26 Are the challenges in your job?

1 Mainly mental

2 Mainly physical

3 Both mental and physical

4 Neither, my job is not challenging

-9 Missing

-8 Not currently employed

How true about your job is each statement below?

1 Not at all true

2 A little true

3 Somewhat true

4 Very true

-9 Missing

-8 Not currently employed

EM20AS2  D27 My job gives me a chance to learn a lot of new things.

EM20BS2  D28 To satisfy some people on my job, I have to upset others.

EM20CS2  D29 There is little opportunity for advancement on my job.

EM20DS2  D30 I have too much work to do everything well.

EM20ES2  D31 My job requires that I work very hard.

EM20FS2  D32 My job uses my skills and abilities.

EM20GS2  D33 Sometimes I am unclear about what I have to do on my job.

EM20HS2  D34 I feel drained of my energy when I get off work.

EM20IS2   D35 My job gives me a chance to be helpful to others.

How much has your job helped you to develop the following abilities?

1 Not at all 

2 A little

3 Some

4 A great deal

-9 Missing

-8 Not currently employed

EM22AS2  D36 To follow directions

EM22BS2  D37 To get along with people

EM22CS2  D38 To be on time

EM22DS2  D39 To take responsibility for your work

EM22ES2  D40 To manage your money

EM23S2 D41 Do you think things you are learning in your job will be useful to you in your later life?

1 Extremely useful

2 Very useful

3 Somewhat useful

4 Not at all useful

-9 Missing

-8 Not currently employed

EM21S2 D42 How satisfied are you with your job as a whole?

1 Extremely satisfied

2 Very satisfied

3 Somewhat satisfied

4 Somewhat dissatisfied

5 Very dissatisfied

6 Extremely dissatisfied

-9 Missing

-8 Not currently employed

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