S1 How many grandparents do you have that are living? (Please circle all that apply)?

0 Unchecked 

1 Checked

GP1AS2 a.  Mother's side grandmother

GP1BS2 b. Mother's side grandfather

GP1CS2 c. Father's side grandmother

GP1DS2 d. Father's side grandfather

GP1ES2 e. Other grandparents (specification GP1EXS2)

GP1FS2 f. I do not have any living grandparents

GP2S2 S2 Have you had any contact with your grandparents in the last year?

0 No 

1 Yes

-9 Missing

-8 No living grandparents

S3 Answer the following questions for each grandparent who you have been in contact with in the last year.  During the past year, how often did your grandparent...

1 Never

2 A few times

3 1-2 times per month

4 At least once per week

-9 Missing

-8 NA

Mother's SideFather's Side
GrandmotherGrandfatherOther grandparentGrandmotherGrandfatherOther grandparent
Spend time with you doing something funGPDO1AS2GPDO1BS2GPDO1CS2GPDO1DS2GPDO1ES2GPDO1FS2
Work on projects with you around the houseGPDO2AS2GPDO2BS2GPDO2CS2GPDO2DS2GPDO2ES2GPDO2FS2
Take care of you or give you rides placesGPDO3AS2GPDO3BS2GPDO3CS2GPDO3DS2GPD03ES2GPDO3FS2
Watch your sporting events or other activitiesGPDO4AS2GPDO4BS2GPDO4CS2GPDO4DS2GPDO4ES2GPDO4FS2
Go to religious service or talk about religionGPDO5AS2GPDO5BS2GPDO5CS2GPDO5DS2GPDO5ES2GPDO5FS2
Talk about politics or social issuesGPDO6AS2GPDO6BS2GPDO6CS2GPDO6DS2GPDO6ES2GPDO6FS2
Teach you skills or provide other informationGPDO7AS2GPDO7BS2GPDO7CS2GPDO7DS2GPDO7ES2GPDO7FS2
Teach you about family stories, history, traditions, or customsGPDO8AS2GPDO8BS2GPDO8CS2GPDO8DS2GPDO8ES2GPDO8FS2
Give you money or other things you want or needGPDO9AS2GPDO9BS2GPDO9CS2GPDO9DS2GPDO9ES2GPDO9FS2

S4 The following questions are about your relationship with each of your living grandparents who you have been in contact with in the past year.  During the past year, about how often do you...


1 Never

2 Rarely

3 Sometimes

4 Often

-9 Missing

-8 NA

Mother's SideFather's Side
GrandmotherGrandfatherOther grandparentGrandmotherGrandfatherOther grandparent
Talk to him/her about things you care aboutGPFE2AS2GPFE2BS2GPFE2CS2GPFE2CS2GPFE2ES2GPFE2FS2
Enjoy spending time with him/herGPFE3AS2GPFE3BS2GPFE3CS2GPFE3DS2GPFE3ES2GPFE3FS2
Feel conflict or disagree with him/herGPFE4AS2GPFE4BS2GPFE4CS2GPFE4DS2GPFE4ES2GPFE4FS2
Feel loved, cared for and appreciated by him/herGPFE5AS2GPFE5BS2GPFE5CS2GPFE5DS2GPFE5ES2GPFE5FS2

S5 How long does it take for you to get to your grandparents' home?

1 Within walking distance

2 15-30 minutes by car

3 30-60 minutes by car

4 1-3 hours by car

5 3-6 hours by car

6 More than 6 hours away by car

7 A plane ride away

-9 Missing

GPDISAS2  Mother's side grandmother

GPDISBS2  Mother's side grandfather

GPDISCS2  Other grandparents on my mother's side

GPDISDS2  Father's side grandmother

GPDISES2  Father's side grandfather

GPDISFS2  Other grandparents on my father's side


T1 Is there anything else you think we should know about you or the successes, challenges, or problems you are facing this year?   

R. My Mother Who Does Not Live With Me (S2, 2010)