I1 How active are your parents in politics or in the affairs of the community?


1 Very active

2 Somewhat active

3 Not at all active

4 Donít know

5 Not applicable

-9 Missing


CP1AS1 How active was your mother in politics or in the affairs of the community?

CP1BS1 How active was your father in politics or in the affairs of the community?

I2 Please indicate below how much you agree or disagree with the following statements.


1 Strongly disagree

2 Disagree

3 Agree

4 Strongly agree

-9 Missing


CP2AS1 I am interested in events in my community

CP2BS1 I keep up with the news by reading newspapers, watching news on TV, checking the internet, etc.

CP2CS1 I understand the important political issues facing our country

I3 Do you discuss community issues or political matters with...


1 Frequently

2 Occasionally

3 Rarely

4 Never

-9 Missing

CP3AS1 Friends

CP3BS1 Other family members

CP3CS1 Co-workers

CP3DS1 People at your place of worship

CP3ES1 Other people

CP4S1 I4 Did you vote in the 2008 Presidential Election?


2 No

3 Does not apply (I am too young to vote)

-9 Missing

CP5S1 I5 Do you think of yourself as closer to the Republican Party or to the Democratic Party?

1 Closer to Republican

2 Closer to Democrat

3 Independent

4 Don't know

5 Other (please tell us:CP5XS1)

-9 Missing

CP6S1 I6 Which of the following best describes your political leanings?

1 Extremely Liberal

2 Liberal

3 Moderate

4 Conservative

5 Extremely Conservative

6 Don't know

-9 Missing

CP7S1 I7 In general, do you feel things in the United States are going in the right or wrong direction?

1 Right direction

2 Wrong direction

3 Donít know/ No opinion

-9 Missing

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