C. Family (W9, 1997)

W9C003 C1 Are you presently married?

1 No

2 Yes

-9 Missing

W9C004 C2 Do you have any children?

1 No (Go to C3)

2 Yes 

-9 Missing

C2A How many of your children are living with you in your household?
Number of children
                              -9 Missing

C2B When were these children born?

                                                        Month     Year

C2BA First child born W9C006, W9C007

C2BB Second child born W9C008W9C009

CSBC Third child born W9C010W9C011

C2BD Fourth child born W9C012W9C013

C2BE Fifth child born W9C014W9C015

C2BF Sixth child born W9C016W9C017

           -9 Missing

W9C018 C2C Do you have other children, who live apart from you?


                                        1 No 

                                        2 Yes

                                        -9 Missing

C3 If you are married or cohabiting, is your spouse/partner currently— (circle all that apply)

1 Circled

2 Not circled

-9 Missing

W9C019 C3A Not applicable; I do not have a spouse or partner

W9C020 C3B Attending school

W9C021 C3C Unemployed and looking for work

W9C022 C3D In the military

W9C023 C3E A full-time homemaker

W9C024 C3F Working part-time (less than 35 hours per week)

W9C025 C3G Working full-time (35 hours or more per week)

C3A What is his/her main occupation? Please tell us the name of his/her job:

For more information about this variable, see work history and occupational coding

C4 Think about the first time you moved away from your parents' home for more than 3 months.  What was the reason you moved out of your parents' residence at that time? Circle all that apply.

                                        1 Circled
                                        2 Not circled
                                        -9 Missing

               W9C026 C4A not applicable; have not lived away from parents' home
C4B to get married or move in with a partner
               W9C028 C4C to live at, or closer to, school
               W9C029 C4D to live closer to a new job, or to look for work
W9C030 C4E because parent(s) could not afford to have me living with them
W9C031 C4F to escape tensions with parent(s)
W9C032 C4G because living accommodations at home were not good (for example, crowded)
W9C033 C4H to establish my own residence

D. Education (W9, 1997)