I1A At this time next year I plan to be: (Circle all that apply)

1 Circled 

2 Not circled

-9 Missing

W8C223 Working on my GED (General Education Diploma)

W8C224 At a technical or vocational school

W8C225 At a two-year college

W8C226 At a four-year college or university

W8C227 At a graduate or professional school

W8C228 Working in my present job

W8C229 In a new job

W8C230 In the military service

W8C231 A homemaker

W8C232 I do not have definite plans: I'm just going to wait and see what happens

W8C233 Other please specify

W8C234 I2 What is the highest level of schooling you really think you will finish?

1 Less than high school graduate

2 High school graduate or GED (General Education Diploma)

3 Technical or vocational degree

4 Associate degree

5 Some college

6 Bachelor's degree (4-year college)

7 Master's degree

8 Ph.D. or professional degree (such as medicine, law or dentistry)

9 Don't know

-9 Missing

How IMPORTANT do you think each of the following things will be to you in the future?

1 Not at all important

2 Somewhat important

3 Very important

4 Extremely important

-9 Missing

W8C235 I3 Career or occupation

W8C236 I4 Marriage, relationship with my spouse or partner

W8C237 I5 Parenthood, relationship with my children

W8C238 I6 Relationships with my parents and other relatives

W8C239 I7 Friendships

W8C240 I8 Participation as a citizen in my community

When you are looking for a FULL-TIME job, how important are the following things to you?

1 Not at all important

2 Somewhat important

3 Very important

4 Extremely important

-9 Missing

W8C241 I9 Good pay

W8C242 I10 Time off when I need it

W8C243 I11A steady job, with little chance of being laid off

W8C244 I12 Good chance of getting ahead

W8C245 I13 A chance to be helpful to others or useful to society

W8C246 I14 A chance to work with people rather than things

W8C247 I15 A chance to make my own decisions at work

W8C248 I16 A job that is easy

W8C249 I17 A job where I have a lot of responsibility

W8C250 I18 A job that uses my skills and abilities

W8C251 I19 A job that people regard highly

W8C252 I20 A chance to learn a lot of new things at work

I21 What is your long-term career goal? If you are unsure, what kind of work are you thinking about? (Include full-time homemaker.)

For more information about this variable, see work history and occupational coding

How much have any of the following people influenced your long-term career goal? (Circle all that apply.)

1 Very much

2 Much

3 Somewhat

4 Not at all

-9 Missing

W8C253 I22 A brother or sister

W8C254 I23 Mother

W8C255 I24 Father

W8C256 I25 Another relative

W8C257 I26 A teacher or professor at school

W8C258 I27 A career counselor

W8C259 I28 A friend

W8C260 I29 A priest, minister, or rabbi

W8C261 I30 An adult working in the same field

I31 What else has influenced your interest in this kind of work? (Circle all that apply.)

1 Circled 

2 Not circled

-9 Missing

W8C262 I31A School

W8C263 I31B TV, movies, books, or magazines

W8C264 I31C A summer job, a part-time job during school, or other work experiences

W8C265 I31D Volunteer work

Which of the following problems have interfered with your career plans so far? Are you concerned that any might interfere in the future? (Circle all that apply.)

1 Circled 

2 Not circled

-9 Missing

Have interfered alreadyConcerned about the futureNot a concern
I32Grades not high enoughW8C266W8C267W8C268
I33Lack of ability to get training or degreeW8C269W8C270W8C271
I34Lack of money to complete education or get started in my chosen career fieldW8C272W8C273W8C274
I35Military service, warW8C275W8C276W8C277
I36Illness, accident, or disabilityW8C278W8C279W8C280
I37Lack of openings in my fieldW8C281W8C282W8C283
I38Relocation is difficult or impossibleW8C284W8C285W8C286
I41Having to care for a sick parent or relativeW8C293W8C294W8C295
I42Discrimination against persons of my race or ethnic backgroundW8C296W8C297W8C298
I43Discrimination against persons of my sexW8C299W8C300W8C301

H. Friends (W8, 1995)
J. Religion (W8, 1995)