K. LIFE EVENTS (W8, 1995)

Below is a list of events that many people experience. Please indicate which events have happened during the past 5 years by placing an "X" under the year(s).


1 Marked

2 Not marked

-9 Missing

Event Did Not Happen19911992199319941995
K1Serious personal injury or illnessW8C305W8C306W8C307W8C308W8C309W8C310
K2Break-up of a serious romantic relationshipW8C311W8C312W8C313W8C314W8C315W8C316
K3Serious trouble with boss, supervisor or co-workerW8C317W8C318W8C319W8C320W8C321W8C322
K4Being fired from workW8C323W8C324W8C325W8C326W8C327W8C328
K5Serious financial problemsW8C329W8C330W8C331W8C332W8C333W8C334
K6Took on a major mortgage or loanW8C335W8C336W8C337W8C338W8C339W8C340
K7I was arrestedW8C341W8C342W8C343W8C344W8C345W8C346
K8I spent time in jailW8C347W8C348W8C349W8C350W8C351W8C352
K9I was assaulted, beaten up, robbed or rapedW8C353W8C354W8C355W8C356W8C357W8C358
K10I attempted suicideW8C359W8C360W8C361W8C362W8C363W8C364
K11Serious illness or injury of a spouse or romantic partnerW8C365W8C366W8C367W8C368W8C369W8C370
K12Serious illness of injury of another close family memberW8C371W8C372W8C373W8C374W8C375W8C376
K13Serious illness or injury of a close friendW8C377W8C378W8C379W8C380W8C381W8C382
K14Death of my spouse or romantic partnerW8C383W8C384W8C385W8C386W8C387W8C388
K15Death of another close family memberW8C389W8C390W8C391W8C392W8C393W8C394
K16Death of a close friendW8C395W8C396W8C397W8C398W8C399W8C400
K17Parental separation or divorceW8C401W8C402W8C403W8C404W8C405W8C406
K18A parent remarriedW8C407W8C408W8C409W8C410W8C411W8C412

J. Religion (W8, 1995)
L. Myself (W8, 1995)