C. EDUCATION (W8, 1995)

W8C003 C1 What is the highest level of education you have completed?

1 Elementary or junior high school

2 High school or GED 

3 Technical or vocational school

4 Associate degree

5 Some college

6 Bachelor's degree (4 yr)

7 Other degrees, certificates or diplomas

-9 Missing

W8C004 C2 What type(s) of school have you attended since the end of the last school year (Spring of 1994)? Circle all that apply.


                                For a) through f):

                                        1 Circled

2 Not circled

-9 Missing

W8C005 a) High school 

W8C006 b) Government training/job program

W8C007 c) Community college

W8C008 d) Vocational, technical, trade or business school

W8C009 e) 4-year college or university

W8C010 f)  Professional or graduate school

W8C004 g) I have not attended school

C2A Please tell us the name and location of your school: (if more than one, please list all).

Schools were coded using a 3-digit code. Please refer to School Code List.

SCHOOL18 Name of school one, city state

SCHOOL28 Name of school two, city, state

D. Work (W8, 1995)