D. Education (W7, 1994)

W7C014 D1 Did you graduate from high school?
                                        1 Yes--received my High School Diploma
                                        2 Yes--received my GED 
                                        3 No
                                       -9 Missing

W7C015 D2 Have you received any other degrees, certificates or diplomas?

1 Yes

2 No

-9 Missing                                  

W7C016 D2A Any other degrees, certificates or diplomas?

Please specify ____________________  

W7C017 D3 Please indicate the type(s) of school you have attended since the end of the last school year (Spring of 1993).

1 Did not circle any option

2 Circled at least one of the option

-9 Missing

For D3A to D3E

        1 No

        2 Yes

        -9 Missing

W7C018 D3A High school  -9 Missing

W7C019 D3B Government training/job program -9 Missing

W7C020 D3C Community college  -9 Missing

W7C021 D3D Vocational, technical, trade or business school -9 Missing

W7C022 D3E 4-year college or university  -9 Missing

D4 Please tell us the name and location of your school: (if more than one, please list all).

Schools were coded using a 3-digit code. Please refer to School Code List.

SCHOOL17 Name of school one, city state -9 Missing

SCHOOL27 Name of school two, city, state -9 Missing

SCHOOL37 Name of school three, city, state -9 Missing

C. Family (W7, 1994)
E. Work (W7, 1994)