D. Education (W6, 1993)

W6C014 D1 Did you graduate from high school?
                                        1 Yes
                                        2 No
                                        -9 Missing                                             

W6C015 D2A Have you received another degrees? GED (General Education Diploma)?

1 Yes

2 No

-9 Missing                                  

W6C016 D2B Any other certificate or diploma?

1 Yes

2 No

-9 Missing

W6C017 D2BA Any other certificate or diploma?

Please specify:___________________

W6C018 D3 Please indicate the type(s) of school you have attended since the end of the last school year.

1 Did not circle any option

2 Circled at least one of the option

-9 Missing

For D3A to D3E

        1 No

        2 Yes

        -9 Missing

W6C019 D3A High school 

W6C020 D3B Government training/job program

W6C021 D3C Community college 

W6C022 D3D Vocational, technical, trade or business school

W6C023 D3E 4-year college or university

D4 Please tell us the name and location of your school: (if more than one, please list all).

Schools were coded using a 3-digit code. Please refer to School Code List.

SCHOOL16 Name of school one, city state

SCHOOL26 Name of school two, city, state

SCHOOL36 Name of school three, city, state

C. Family (W6, 1993)
E. Work (W6, 1993)