E. WORK (W5, 1992)

E1 For each job you have held (part-time and full-time) since April of 1991, please fill in the information below:

For more information about this variable, see work history and occupational coding

W5C024 E2 Since you left high school, have you worked for any of the same employers that you had while you were still in high school?

1 No

2 Yes

3 Not applicable

-9 Missing

W5C025 E3 Have you had to work part-time because you could not find full-time employment?

1 No

2 Yes

-9 Missing

W5C026 E3A Are you currently employed?

1 Respondent did not answer any from E4 to E10

2 Respondent answered any from E4 to E10

-9 Missing

E4A How much money have you earned during the past two weeks (before taxes)?


W5C027 E4B Low ____________ 

W5C028 E4C High ____________

                  -9 Missing

How did you locate your present job? (circle all that apply)

1 Circled

2 Not circled

-9 Missing

W5C029 E5A parents

W5C030 E5B other relatives

W5C031 E5C a friend about my age

W5C032 E5D a neighbor

W5C033 E5E an adult from school (teacher, professor, counselor, etc.)

W5C034 E5F placed or answered an ad

W5C035 E5H I asked if there were any job openings

W5C036 E5I my employer told me about it

W5C037 E5J employment agency

W5C038 E5K other organization

W5C039 E5L applied or took a civil service test for a job in local, state, or federal government

W5C040 E6 Did your employer give you any training when you began work?

1 No 

2 Yes 

3 No but the section below has been answered

4 Blank but answered

-9 Missing

 How long did the training take?                                        

W5C041 E6A Minutes of training or 

W5C042 E6B Hours of training or 

W5C043 E6C Days of training

                  -9 Missing   

W5C044 E7 Is there any continuing training or instruction on your current job?

1 No

2 Yes

-9 Missing

W5C045 E8 Do you think things you are learning in your job will be useful to you in your later life?

1 Extremely useful

2 Very useful

3 Somewhat useful

4 Not at all useful

-9 Missing

W5C046 E9 Do you supervise other workers on your job?

1 No

2 Yes

-9 Missing

If yes, how many?                                        

E9A Number of supervised workers (Low) 
            W5C048 E9B Number of supervised workers (High)
                              -9 Missing

W5C049 E10 How is your job related to your future work?

1 It is not linked to my long-term career objectives

2 It will probably continue as a long-term career

3 It provides skills or knowledge that will prepare me for a career

4 I don't know

-9 Missing

W5C050 E11 Have you done any volunteer work during the past year?

1 No 

2 Yes

3 No, but ansered

4 Blank, but answered

-9 Missing

E11A What organization(s) have you volunteered for?

E11B2 What duties do you have in your regular volunteer job?

E11C If you have volunteered on a non-regular basis, please describe your activity.

        For the availability of the variables drawn from E11A to E11C, see Volunteer data.

If you had a regular volunteer job, how many hours did you volunteer each week? (If it varies, indicate how much time you usually spend volunteering.)


            W5C051 E11B1 Number of hours (Low)
            W5C052 E11B1 Number of hours (High)
                              -9 Missing

W6C061 F What is your birth date?

________ Month

________ Day

          _______ Year

D. Education (W5, 1992)