W3C229 G1 In class discussions at school, do the students ever talk about their jobs or get ideas about how to do their jobs better?

1 Yes

2 No

3 I am not in school

-9 Missing                

W3C230 G2 Is your job part of a "work study" program in your school?

1 Yes

2 No

-9 Missing

W3C231 G3 Do you get school "credit" for your job?

1 Yes

2 No

-9 Missing

W3C232 G4 Has your job affected your grades?

1 Yes, my grades have gotten much lower

2 Yes, my grades have gotten somewhat lower

3 No, my grades have stayed the same

4 Yes, my grades have improved somewhat

5 Yes, my grades have gotten much better

-9 Missing

How much do you agree or disagree with the following statements? (Circle ONE number for each)

1 Strongly disagree

2 Disagree

3 Agree

4 Strongly agree

-9 Missing

W3C233 G5 What I have learned in school helps me do better on my job

W3C234 G6 Because of my job, I have less time to do my homework

W3C235 G7 My job provides information about things I am studying in school

W3C236 G8 I contribute more to class discussions because of what I learn at work

W3C237 G9 My job has taught me the importance of getting a good education

W3C238 G10 My job has made me recognize the subjects I really like and don't like

W3C239 G11 I think about my job during class, so I miss what my teachers are saying

W3C240 G12 My job influenced my career choice

W3C241 G13 Being both a worker and a student is stressful

F. Volunteer and Paid Work (W3, 1990)
H. Work and Friendships (W3, 1990)