L. WORK AT HOME (W2, 1989)

L1 How much time do you spend on the following tasks in an average week, including weekends? (If no time, write "0".)  If you have more than one home (as in joint custody), add the time you spend on these tasks in each home.

-9 Missing

Hours per WeekMinutes per Week
L1ACleaning your roomW2C288W2C289
L1BCleaning other parts of the houseW2C290W2C291
L1CDoing the dishesW2C292W2C293
L1DSetting the tableW2C294W2C295
L1FTaking care of younger childrenW2C298W2C299
L1GTaking care of an elderly relative(s)W2C300W2C301
L1HYardwork (mowing lawn, shoveling snow, etc.)W2C302W2C303
L1JTaking out the trashW2C306W2C307
L1KShopping for foodW2C308W2C309
L1LTaking care of petsW2C310W2C311
L1MOther tasksW2C312W2C313

W2C314 L2 Do you receive an allowance now?

1 Yes--How much? (Next question)

2 No--Age when allowance stopped (Skip to L3)

3 No--But L2B completed

4 Blank--But L2B completed

-9 Missing

L2B How much?

W2C315 Low $_________ (Low=0, High=60, -9 Missing)

W2C316 High $_________(Low=0, High=60, -9 Missing)

W2C317 L2C Age when allowance stopped:

______ years old (Low=0, High=21)

-9 Missing

W2C318 L2A Do you have to do household chores or other jobs to get your allowance?

1 Yes

2 No

-9 Missing

W2C319 L3 During the past year, how often have you done household jobs for pay in your home (other than for an allowance)?

1 Almost everyday

2 Once of twice a week

3 Once or twice a month

4 Less than once a month

5 Never

-9 Missing

W2C320 L4 Considering all your money, from allowance, jobs (paid work outside or inside your home), gifts, and any place else, how much money do you get in an average week during the school year? (If zero, write "0".)

$________ dollars per week (Low=0, High=995)

-9 Missing

W2C321 L5 All in all, how do you feel about your money--is it enough for you or do you need more?

1 Enough for me

2 Not enough for me--I need more money (go to L5A)

-9 Missing

W2C322 L5A How much more money would be enough per week?

$________ per week (Low=0, High=995)

-9 Missing

W2C323 L6 How much money do you have saved? (If zero, write "0".)

$_________ (Low=0, High=32764)

-9 Missing

W2C324 L7 How often do you hear your parents (stepparents or guardians) talk about their jobs (with each other or with others)?

1 Often

2 Sometimes

3 Rarely

4 Never

5 Does not apply (for example, neither is employed)

-9 Missing

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