M1SMK19 M1 How often have you smoked cigarettes during the past 30 days?

1 Not at all

2 Less than 1 cigarette each day

3 1 to 5 cigarettes each day

4 About a half pack each day

5 About 1 pack each day

6 About one and a half packs each day

7 About 2 packs or more each day

-9 Missing

M2ALC119 M2 How many times have you had alcoholic beverages to drink in the past 30 days?

1 None 

2 1-2 times

3 3-5 times

4 6-9 times

5 10-19 times

6 20-39 times

7 40 or more times

-9 Missing

M3ALC219 M3 Think back over the last two weeks. How many times have you had five or more drinks on the same occasion? By “occasion” we mean within a couple hours. By “drink”, we mean a glass of wine, a bottle of beer, or a mixed drink.

1 None

2 Once

3 Twice

4 Three to five times

5 Six to nine times

6 Ten or more times

-8 No drinking in the past 30 days

-9 Missing

M4 The next question asks you about your use of drugs.


                                        0 Never used them

                                        1 Used them, but not in the past year

                                        2 Used them in the past year

                                       -9 Missing

M4MRJN19 Used marijuana or hashish

M4DRUG19 Used an illegal drug other than marijuana (such as cocaine, crystal meth, LSD, psilocybin mushrooms, or heroin).

M4PRSD19 Used prescription drugs (such as Ritalin, Oxycontin, or Vicoden) on your own--without a doctor telling you to take them.

M5 Everyone breaks the rules during his/her lifetime. Some break them regularly, others less often. Below is a list of rule-breaking behaviors. For each, please give your best estimate of the number of times you have done each one during the last year.


1 0 times

2 1 time

3 2 times

4 3-4 times

5 5+ times

-9 Missing


M7PARK19 Parked your car illegally

M7PAY19 Failed to pay a parking ticket

M7SPE19 Driven 20 mph or more over the speed limit

M7CAA19 Had an accident while driving (whether you were responsible or not)

M7DUI19 Driven a car ore motor vehicle after you've had too much to drink

M7STL19 Taken something from a store without paying for it

M7HIT19 Hit or threatened to hit someone

M7PRN19 Watched an X-rated or pornographic film or video (including those on the Internet)

M7FGT19 Been in a physical fight/fist fight

M7STP19 Been in a motor vehicle that was stopped by the police

M7ARS19 Been arrested and taken to a police station

L. Myself (W19, 2011)
N. Volunteering (W19, 2011)