CPACTO19 O1 How active are you in politics or in the affairs of your community?


1 Very active

2 Somewhat active

3 Not at all active

-9 Missing

CPPPTY19 O2 Do you think of yourself as closer to the Republican Party or to the Democratic Party?

1 Closer to Republican

2 Closer to Democrat

3 Independent

4 Other (please specify-CPPTYO19)

-9 Missing

CPPLN19 O3 Which of the following best describes your political leanings?

1 Extremely Liberal

2 Liberal

3 Moderate

4 Conservative

5 Extremely Conservative

-9 Missing

CPDIR19 O4 In general, do you feel things in the United States are going in the right or wrong direction?

1 Right direction

2 Wrong direction

3 Donít know/ No opinion

-9 Missing

O5 In general, how much attention do you pay to news about each of the following?

1 A lot of attention

2 A little attention

3 No attention at all

4 Donít know/no opinion

-9 Missing

CPATT119 Local community affairs

CPATT219 State politics

CPATT319 National politics

CPATT419 International affairs

CPATT519 The economy

CPATT619 Social Issues (i.e. education, health care, poverty)

CPATT719 Crime

CPATT819 Sports

O6ELC19 O6 In the 2010 gubernatorial  election, Mark Dayton ran on the Democratic ticket against Tom Emmer for the republicans, and Tom Horner as an Independence Party candidate.  Do you remember for sure whether or not you voted in that election?

1 Yes, I voted

2 No, I did not vote

3 Not sure

-9 Missing

O6AELC19 O6A Which candidate did you vote for?

1 Mark Dayton

2 Tom Emmer

3 Tom Horner

4 Other (please specify) O6AOTH19

-8 Not applicable-Did not vote, or not sure

-9 Missing

N. Volunteering (W19, 2011)
P. Race and Ethnicity (W19, 2011)