J117 J1 In 2006 Tim Pawlenty ran for governor of Minnesota for the Republican ticket, MikeHatch ran for the Democrats, and Peter Hutchinson ran as an independent candidate.  Did you vote in that election?

1 Yes I voted

2 No, I did not vote

3 Not sure

4 Not eligible to vote in Minnesota in 2006

-8 Noncodable response

-9 Blank

J2 The scale below goes from the highest position of “plus 5” for a country which you like very much, to the lowest position of “minus 5” for a country you dislike very much. How far up the scale or how far down the scale would you rate the following countries? Circle one for each country.

-5 Dislike very much









5 Like very much

-8 Noncodable response

-9 Blank

J2RUS17 Russia

J2JPN17 Japan

J2ENG17 England

J2CND17 Canada

J2BRZ17 Brazil

J2CHIN17 China

J2ISRL17 Israel

J2EGPT17 Egypt

J317 J3 Is the United States spending too much, too little, or about the right amount on advancing space exploration?

1 Too much

2 Too little

3 About the right amount

4 Don’t know

-8 Noncodable response

-9 Blank

J417 J4 In view of your own way of thinking about democracy, would you say that the United States is…

1 Completely democratic

2 Democratic but with some minor exceptions

3 Democratic but with some major exceptions

4 Completely undemocratic

-8 Noncodable response

-9 Blank

J5 There are always some people whose ideas are considered bad or dangerous by other people. For instance, somebody who advocates doing away with elections and letting the military run the country.

1 Yes

2 No

3 Don’t know

-8 Noncodable response

-9 Blank

J5A17 If such a person wanted to make a speech in your community, should he beallowed to speak, or not?

J5B17 Should such a person be allowed to teach in a college or university, or not?

J5C17 Suppose he wrote a book advocating doing away with elections and letting the military run the country. Somebody in your community suggests that the book be removed from the public library. Would you favor removing it, or not?

J617 J6 The “National Do Not Call Registry” gives you a choice about whether to receive telemarketing calls. Have you registered any of your phone numbers (home, cell, or work) with the “National Do Not Call Registry?”

1 No

2 Yes

3 Don’t know

-8 Noncodable response

-9 Blank

K1 What is your birth date?

-8 Noncodable response

-9 Blank


Month: BIRTMO17


Year: BIRTYR17

I. Volunteering (W17, 2007)