POLN112 N1 In 1996 Bill Clinton ran on the Democratic ticket against Bob Dole for the Republicans, and Ross Perot as an independent candidate. Do you remember for sure whether or not you voted in that election?

1 Yes, I voted

2 No, I did not vote GO TO N2

3 Not sure

-9 Missing

POLN1A12 N1A Which candidate did you vote for?

1 Bill Clinton

2 Bob Dole

3 Ross Perot

4 Other (please specify): POLN1A412

5 Do not remember

-9 Missing

POLN212 N2 In 1998, Hubert Humphrey ran for Governor of Minnesota on the Democratic ticket, Norm Coleman ran for the Republicans, and Jesse Ventura for the Reform Party. Did you vote in that election?

1 Yes, I voted

2 No, I did not vote GO TO N3

3 Not sure

-9 Missing

POLN2A12 N2A Which person did you vote for?

1 Hubert Humphrey

2 Norm Coleman

3 Jesse Ventura

4 Other (please specify): POLN2A412

5 Do not remember

-9 Missing

POLN312 N3 So far as you know now, do you expect to vote in the National elections this coming November or not?

1 Yes, I plan to vote

2 No, I do not plan to vote

-9 Missing

POLN412 N4 Do you think of yourself as closer to the Republican Party or to the Democratic Party?

1 Closer to Republican

2 Closer to Democrat

3 I do not lean toward either of these

-9 Missing

POLN512 N5 Would you identify yourself as part of the Christian Right?

1 Yes

2 No

3 Don't know

-9 Missing

POLN612 N6 If you had to choose, would you consider yourself a liberal, a moderate, or a conservative?

1 Extremely Liberal

2 Liberal

3 Moderate

4 Conservative

5 Extremely Conservative

-9 Missing

How much would you agree with the following statements?

1 Strongly Disagree

2 Diagree

3 Agree

4 Strongly Agree

-9 Missing

POLN712 The government can be trusted to do what is best for the country.

POLN812 People like me do not have any say about what the government does.

POLN912 The average person can get nowhere by talking to public officials.

POLN1012 Elections are a good way of making the government pay attention to what people think.

POLN1112 Quite a few people running the government are crooked.


POLN1212 I have a great deal of confidence

M. Sports and High School (W12, 2000)
O. Computers and the Internet (W12, 2000)