C. Family (W11, 1999)

MARIED11 C1 Are you presently married?

0 No

1 Yes

-9 Missing

KIDS11 C2 Do you have any children (by birth or adoption)?

0 No (Go to C3)

1 Yes (Go to C2A)

-9 Missing

C2A When were these children born?

                                        -9 Missing

                                            Month     Year

First child born CH1MO11, CH1YR11

Second child born CH2MO11, CH2YR11

Third child born CH3MO11, CH3YR11

Fourth child born CH4MO11, CH4YR11

Fifth child born CH5MO11, CH5YR11

Sixth child born CH6MO11, CH6YR11

KIDAWY11 C2B How many of your children are living apart from you? If none, please write "0."

                                    -9 Missing

KIDINH11 C3 If any, how many children are living with you in your household? If none, please write ''0." Include your own children, by birth or adoption, and your spouse or partner's children. Do NOT include brothers, sisters, or other relatives.

                                    -9 Missing

C4 If you are married or cohabiting, is your spouse/partner currently— (circle all that apply)

0 Not checked

1 Checked

-9 Missing

SPJBNA11Not applicable; I am not married and do not have a partner

SPSCHL11 Attending school

SPUNEM11 Unemployed and looking for work

SPMLTY11 In the military service

SPHMKR11 A full-time homemaker

SPWKPT11 Working part-time (less than 35 hours per week)

SPWKFT11 Working full-time (35 hours or more per week)

C4A What is his/her main occupation? Please tell us the name of his/her job:

For more information about this variable, see work history and occupational coding

HOUSE11 C5 What type of housing do you currently live in?

1 Free-standing house/ single-family home

2 Multi-unit building (apartment, condo, co-op, duplex)

3 Institutional setting (barracks, dormitory, etc.)

-9 Missing

OWNRNT11 C6 Do you rent or own the place you are currently living in?

1 Own

2 Rent

3 Other, specify:

-9 Missing

D. Education (W11, 1999)