H. Environment (W11, 1999)

H1 How often in the past year have you done each of the things listed below?


1 Never

2 A few times

3 Most of the time

4 Always

-9 Missing

BAG11 I took my own shopping bag to the store.

RECYCL11 I recycled (newspapers, bottles, cans, paper, etc).

REUSE11 I reused materials to store food, such as aluminum foil, ziplock or paper bags, or plastic containers.

WATER11 I practiced water conservation (by using water-saving devices, watering the lawn less, taking shorter showers, etc.).

ENERGY11 I practiced energy conservation (by using energy-saving light bulbs, timing a thermostat, turning down the heat, etc.).

COMMUT11 I used public transportation, biked, or walked to get to work, school, or shopping.

G. Myself (W11, 1999)
I. Health (W11, 1999)