A. SCHOOL (W1, 1988)

W1C003 A1 Which of the following BEST describes most of the courses you take? (Circle ONE number)

1 Academic or college prep

2 General

3 Vocational, technical, commercial

4 Other

5 Don't know

-9 Miissing

How TRUE is each of the following statements for you? (Circle ONE number for each)

For A2-A4                                            For A5-A8

1 Not at all true                                    1 Never

2 A little true                                        2 Rarely

3 Somewhat true                                  3 Sometimes

4 Very true                                            4 Often

-9 Missing                                            5 Almost always

                                                                -9 Missing

W1C004 A2 I put a great deal of myself into some things at school because they have special meaning to me

W1C005 A3 I have little interest in my classes in school

W1C006 A4 School helps me to improve my ability to think and to solve problems

W1C007 A5 How often does time seem to drag for you in school?

W1C008 A6 How often is there time pressure when you do your school work?

W1C009 A7 How often are your teachers willing to listen to your problems and help find solutions?

W1C010 A8 How often do you get a chance to choose your own assignments--like picking out a book for a book report or selecting a topic for a paper?

W1C011 A9 Does your work at school involve doing (Circle ONE number)

1 The same thing in the same way again and again,

2 The same kind of thing in a number of different ways, or

3 a number of different kinds of things?

-9 Missing            

W1C012 A10 When you begin your day, how well can you predict what your schoolwork will be that day? (Circle ONE number)

1 I can predict exactly

2 I can predict well

3 It's hard to predict

4 I can't predict at all

-9 Missing

W1C013 A11 When your teacher wants you to do something, do most of the teachers (circle ONE number)

1 just tell you to do it,

2 explain why you should do it, or

3 is it about half and half?

-9 Missing                         

W1C014 A12 In general, how free do you feel to openly disagree with your teachers?

1 Very free

2 Somewhat free

3 Not very free

4 Not at all free

-9 Missing

W1C015 A13 To do well in school, how important is it that you do exactly what the teacher says?

1 Extremely important

2 Very important

3 Fairly important

4 Not important

-9 Missing

W1C016 A14 How do your teachers usually assign homework? (If it varies, circle what most of your teachers do.)

1 Most teachers assign exactly what I should do and how I should do it

2 Most teachers assign what I should do but let me decide how to do it

3 I have some freedom in deciding both what I do and how I do it

4 I am free to choose my own projects so long as they meet the general requirements

-9 Missing

A15 How much time, on average, do you spend doing homework? (If zero, write in 0.)

-9 Missing

W1C017 A15A1 Homework hours each weeknight

W1C018 A15A2 Homework minutes each weeknight

W1C019 A15B1 Homework hours during the weekend (Saturday and Sunday)

W1C020 A15B2 Homework minutes during the weekend (Saturday and Sunday)

A16 About how many hours do you spend in extracurricular activities (like clubs, band, and sports) after school hours)? (Include activities at school and at other places, such as community centers. If zero, write in 0.)

Low=0, High=96 (weekdays), High=99.9 (weekend)

99.95 Uncodable

99.96 "Depends, Varies"

-9 Missing

W1C021 A16A Extracurricular hours per week after school

W1C022 A16B Extracurricular hours during the weekend

Since the beginning of school this year, how often have you:

1 Never

2 Once or twice

3 3-4 times

4 5-10 times

5 More than 10 times

-9 Missing

W1C023 A17 gotten into trouble for misbehaving or breaking school rules?

W1C024 A18 been sent to the principal's office or to detention because of something you have done?

W1C025 A19 What is your grade point average so far this year? (Circle ONE number)

1 A

2 A-

3 B+

4 B

5 B-

6 C+

7 C

8 C-

9 D+

10 D

11 D-

12 F

13 +1 grade circled

-9 Missing

B. Friends (W1, 1988)